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Welcome to the Rasmussen College Bookstore Exchange site

This website no longer accepts requests to exchange Rasmussen College electronic course materials. Rasmussen College provides a variety of course materials for students within their classes, including eTextbooks, videos, embedded resources within the online classroom, and physical supplies needed for certain programs. At this time, eTextbooks cannot be exchanged for a printed materials.

If you are interested in purchasing optional print course materials, please visit our new POP Text (Purchase Optional Print Text) website:
We encourage you to visit our resource hub with tips and tutorials on using your digital content and course materials at:

If you are looking to return your physical materials due to a class schedule change, please visit the Rasmussen College Student Portal for more information:

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Rasmussen College Student Advisor.

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Click on the Returns Policy to find out how to return course materials. If you have any other questions, click on Contact Us.


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